Top 5 Mobile Proxy Providers

Mobile proxies are in high demand due to their unique IP addresses which are used by everyday users on their mobile phones/hotspots. This makes using these IP addresses for managing accounts such as Instagram, Facebook, Google, etc. much better. There are other options such as datacenter and residential proxy providers but what tends to happen is the datacenter IP’s get used and abused and eventually banned by many websites. Residential IP’s seem to come in a few different methods ranging from static to dynamic and home to business. They are often acquired (used) by residential proxy providers who have managed to get their software installed on mobile devices or computers and the TOS have allowed them to gain access to these IP’s. When it comes to mobile proxies we tend to see much different access. The route goes through a real cellular modem and ISP. A 4G proxy will allow you access through cellular connections.

I have much experience in the world of mobile (4G/LTE) IP proxy providers and have found some of the best services out there. Here is my list of top-notch providers for 2021:

  1. ProxyGuys

The service was really surprising to me and took the first place and still is my personal favorite for 2021.

ProxyGuys seems to have done things right and when I say that I mean it. Whatever IP address I get access to by connecting to one of their many USA locations (25 as of Feb 2021) I am immediately surprised at the high quality of the IP. When I check the IP on many different IP checker sites I see that it is never on blacklists. The connections are very fast, sometimes upwards of 60mb speeds.

Some of the features I’d like to point out are the ability to do custom IP rotation. You can choose a time as to when you want to IP to change or leave it to none and manually control when the IP address changes. The portal to manage the proxies is very easy to use. There is also a full API set to manage this and other features such as changing locations and modem resets. Can you believe they provide unlimited bandwidth?

ProxyGuys proxy management portal
ProxyGuys proxy management portal

Another impressive feature is the Firefox and Chrome extensions which allow you to change locations and IP without having to go back to portal page every time. website home page website home page

2. Airproxy

Airproxy was my number 2 pick because they are similar to ProxyGuys that they also give you unlimited bandwidth. Airproxy seems to be very transparent about their setup to let you know what they are doing. Check out this video :

Airproxy IP’s come from different cities in Italy and are high quality. However they block most of the internet except social media sites such as Instagram, Facebook and yes you can still get to Google.

They claim on their website you can manage 8–10 Instagram accounts on 1 proxy. I haven’t tested this theory as I don’t really use mobile proxies for Instagram. You can check out more info on their FAQ page.

3. Bright Data (Formerly Lumaniti)

Bright Data is one of the leading proxy networks out there and yes they do have lots of mobile IP’s available. However as with the first 2 providers they do not give you unlimited bandwidth.

When you order mobile from Bright Data you choose to pay around $30/gb on the high level and the more you buy the cheaper it gets. When I use proxies I tend to use a lot of bandwidth so they can be quite expensive. They do have a neat little pricing calculator to help make your decision.

Lumaniti Proxy provider pricing calculator
Lumaniti Proxy provider pricing calculator

The proxy panel you get after subscribing allows you to choose you locations and yes they have locations all over the world which is why they are one of the leading providers and why they made the top 5 list.

4. DSL Rentals

DSL Rentals has been around a long time and changed their offerings a few different times. They do offer DSL modem connections but have also started getting into the mobile (cellular) market in the past year.

They are another mobile proxy provider that does offer unlimited bandwidth as well. When you sign up they give you a “key” and then you log into a proxy panel which gives you the ability to make your selection of which location you want. I counted about 9 different USA locations and each having 1 to 10 modems available at any given time. They have the top rated USA cellular providers.

If you don’t really need a mobile proxy then you can choose between DSL and 4G mobile carriers. The speeds I was getting on the DSL were around 4–5mb and the 4G was between 10–15mb so they are not unbearable.

DSL Rentals home page
DSL Rentals home page

5. 3GProxy

3GProxy claims they have real SIM cards in 40 countries and over 130 cellular providers. I mentioned in my preface to this list that some proxy providers embed a way to get connections via software people install and don’t know they are sharing their internet. I am not sure if 3GProxy does this same type of thing or not.

They do have a nice interface dashboard where you choose the location and the carrier. They have a reservation system as well which kind of tells me that maybe they do own all their SIM cards in all these phones/devices.

3GProxy Dashboard
3GProxy Dashboard

Another unique thing they offer is SMS text messaging which allows you to use the phone numbers attached to the devices to get account verification codes. I didn’t test this feature out as I wasn’t creating any accounts while testing. Their speeds range from 1mb to 20mb in most locations.


Thank you for coming along for this top 5 mobile proxy providers list. I hope that after reading this you can make a decision on which mobile proxy provider is going to work for your needs. Please feel free to follow me on Twitter.

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